Nutrition and Dieting

Nutrition Made Simple for Fat Loss

With everything there is on the internet it can be difficult to know what is accurate and what will work for you. I put together a simple guide that highlights the most important information to accelerate your fat loss, performance and best-self results. The best part- It’s all free! This plan will give you knowledge and allow you to take control of your nutrition.

This guide is great for beginners because it is EASY to follow. However, advanced athletes and fitness models follow these methods as well.

My nutrition guide will offer you education on basic caloric needs, importance of macro-nutrients and recommend percentages based off research and some of my own personal strategies that I utilize to get accelerate my results. See: My 6 Week Progress: Weight Loss/Body Composition Changes.

Keep in mind everyone’s body is different and although I calculate my own macro-nutrient percentages, this is not a fixed number. This changes based on my goals, mood, results, performance etc.

Follow me and stay tuned for more posts and resources based on my newest findings through research on fitness and nutrition.

Posts to come: Grocery Shopping list, Macro-Friendly Meals and What happens to your results when you restrict too much


Nutrition handout photo
Click on link below for your basic guide to simple nutrition.



XOXO- FitnessHappyInMyLife

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