You can call me a blogger…

Over the past couple of years, I went through a TON of changes and experienced a lot that opened my eyes and changed how I live my life. I wouldn’t actually call what I was doing before “living life,” more like going through the motions. 

I had a lot happen including nearly a year of insomnia, depression, anxiety, binge eating disorder, broken relationships, new home, new job, new friends and a whole new outlook on the life I was living. 

I searched for answers non-stop to figure out how to cure my insomnia (I was a monster). I had no idea why I had it or what I could do to fix it. It was ruining my life. I found the answers that led me to my happiest life yet. These answers came from posts and online articles from people who went through similar issues. 

I remembered how desperate and hopeless I felt during that time and I think of how my life has changed since then. I want to help people the way I was helped. Thus, I decided to start this blog. 

I hope you can learn something or maybe share with someone who might benefit from this by knowing they are not alone. 

 I remember that it was the simple stories and experiences that I read about that led me to the answers that I needed to heal my insomnia and open so many doors I never even realized existed. 




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